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Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Rechargeable AGM/GEL Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Electric Scooter and Bicycle Batteries


 3-Wheel Learning Scooters

 eBike 24v Bicycle

LashOut Scooter


Xport SLX Scooter

Akai Flyer Scooter

 E-Boarder Scooter


Schwinn Scooter

Xrazor Scooter

Amplifer A7 Scooter


  Mongoose Fusion Scooter  

Schwinn X-Cel Scooter

X-Treme Scooter

 Badsey Hot Scooter

 Electra Scooter

Mongoose Scooter

Shredder Scooter

Zappy Bicycle


 E-Raser Scooter

Pacelite Scooter

Silver Bomber Scooter

Zappy Bicycle Kits

 Boreem Scooters

 E-Scooter Scooter


Sporty Scooter

Zappy Classic Scooter

 Charly Scooters

 EV Warrior Bicycle

Parkdriver Scooter

Star II Model 051

Zooma Scooter

 City Bug E2 Scooter

 Giant La-Free Bicycle

Phantom 500 Scooter

Star II Scooter


 City Bug Helper Scooter

 Go Go Scooter

   Powerwheels Electric Car   

Street Jammer Scooter


 City Express Scooter


Power Tech

Sunpex Tracker Scooter


 City Mantis Scooter

GT Scooter

Pukka Pocket Mini Bike

Tomb Raider Scooter







 Cute 2 Wheel Scooter


Rally Scooter

Urban Express Scooter


 Cute 4 Wheel Scooter


Razor Scooter

Whizbang Scooter


 Dash Scooter

LashOut Bicycle

Reva Scooter

X-Port Scooter

BatterySpec sells Tempest brand batteries. Batteries of other manufacturers are listed for cross reference information only. BatterySpec is neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to any battery manufacturer other than Tempest. All other brands or products names, marks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
TR14-6 TR2.3-12A TH1221WA TR5-12A TR7.5-12
TR10-12 TR12-12 TR9-12 TR18-12 TR22-12
TR33-12 TR35-12      

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Veteran Owned & Operated


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