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Tempest Features (Click Here)
Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Rechargeable AGM/GEL Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Maintenance-Free Operation
During the life of a Tempest battery there is no need to add water or check specific gravity; thus, the battery requires no maintenance.
Sealed Construction
Unique construction and sealing technology ensures no electrolyte leakage from the case, terminals, or vents.
Position-Free and Leakage-Free
The combination of sealed construction and absorbed electrolyte permits operation in any position without loss of capacity or electrolyte.
Absorptive Glass Mat System Heavy-Duty Grids
Electrolyte is absorbed in fine glass fiber separators. Lead-calcium alloy grids provide extra performance in both cyclic and float applications.
Low Self-Discharge Long Shelf Life
At 20C (68F) the self-discharge rate of Tempest batteries is approx. 3% per month. The low self-discharge rate allows storage for up to one year without significant loss of efficiency.
Cyclic Life . Float Life
Depending on application, over 1000 charge/discharge cycles can be expected. Float life with trickle charge is 4-5 years.
High Recovery Capability
Tempest batteries have excellent charge acceptance and recovery capability even after deep discharge.
Broad Temperature Range
Tempest batteries are designed to perform over ranges of -15C to 50C.
Valve Regulated Low Pressure Venting System
Tempest batteries are equipped with a low pressure venting system, 7-10 psi, which releases excess gas if necessary. Resealing is automatic once pressure returns to normal.
Convenient Handling
No special handling precautions for air or ground shipping due to Tempest classification as "dry cell".

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Veteran Owned & Operated


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