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Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Rechargeable AGM/GEL Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Toy Replacement Batteries carries replacement batteries for most all ride-on toys that use an SLA battery. Please select the manufacturer of your ride-on toy from the list below and then select your model. If you are not sure which battery replacement is for your ride-on toy, please call us at 1-800-727-8658 and we will be more than happy to assist you with your toy battery needs.

Disney Ride-On Toy Batteries

Fisher Price Ride-On Toy Batteries

John Deere Ride-On Toy Batteries

Kid Motorz Ride-On Toy Batteries

Kid Trax Ride-On Toy Batteries

Little Tikes Ride-On Toy Batteries

Peg Perego Ride-On Toy Batteries

Polaris Ride-On Toy Batteries

Power Wheels Batteries

Safety 1st Ride-On Toy Batteries

Popular Toy Batteries

TR5-6B TR7-6HES TR12-6 TR14-6 TR14-6PL
TR14-6TS TR14-6TH TR7.5-12A TR12-12 TR12-12F

Digital Multimeter

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Battery Chargers

6 Volt

BC-06-1000 BC-06-1000+ BC-06-1000-19 BC-06-1000-1 BC-06-1000-7
6Volt 1.00Amp
6Volt 1.00Amp
6 Volt 1.00Amp
6Volt 1.00Amp
6Volt 1.00Amp

12 Volt

BC-12-0750S BC-12-0750S+ BC-12-0750S-19 BC-12-0750S-1 BC-12-0750S-7
12Volt 0.75Amp
12Volt 0.75Amp
12Volt 0.75Amp
12Volt 0.75Amp
12Volt 0.75Amp
BC-12-2000 BC-12-2000-FC BC-12-2000+ BC-12-5000F BC-12-8000F
12Volt 2.00Amp
12Volt 2.00Amp
12Volt 2.00Amp
12Volt 5.00Amp
12Volt 8.00Amp

24 Volt

BC-24-2000 BC-24-2000+ BC-24-3000F BC-24-5000F  
24Volt 2.00Amp
24Volt 2.00Amp
24Volt 3.00Amp
24Volt 5.00Amp

36 Volt

36Volt 2.00Amp

48 Volt

48Volt 3.00Amp

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