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12v 32ah TH12145W   Tempest High-Rate Rechargeable Battery
12Volt - 135 WATTS PER CELL
@15 MINS TO 1.67 Volt PER CELL

(Special Order item) Please call for further details.

TH12145W   Tempest High-Rate, Valve Regulated, Maintenance Free, Rechargeable Battery - 12V 32Ah Highrate Battery

12 volt, 32Ah, 12Volt-145 WATTS PER CELL @15 MINS TO 1.67 Volt PER CELL, Tempest POWER SECURITY HIGH-RATE Battery for general purposes.

Length 7.72", Width 5.16", Height 6.10" (Total Height 6.57"), F15 terminals (Terminal hardware included), Approx Weight 26 lbs.

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(This Product is a Special Order item and can be purchased by Telephone Order Please call (408)924-0800 for further details.)

Part# TH12145W

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