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Maintenance-Free Valve Regulated Rechargeable AGM/GEL Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Exide UPS Batteries

Exide 9120-Batt UPS Batteries

9120-Batt700 (TR12-12) 9120-Batt1500 (TR12-12)
9120-Batt1000 (TR12-12) 9120-Batt3000 (TR12-12)

Exide 05146 UPS Batteries

05146035-4-5501 (TBC102) 05146502-6501 (TBC102)
05146035-5-5501 (TBC101) 05146502-6591 (TBC102)
05146074-5591 (TBC98) 05146554-5591 (TBC101)
05146074-6591 (TBC98)  

Exide 05147 UPS Batteries

05147148-6591 (TBC98) 05147644-5501 (TBC100)
05147366-5592 (TBC44) 05147645-5501 (TBC100)
05147642-5501 (TBC99) 05147646-5501 (TBC105)
05147643-5501 (TBC99) 05147647-5501 (TBC105)

Exide 10300 UPS Batteries

103002750-5591 (TBC1) 103003269-6591 (TBC114)
103002836-6591 (TBC49) 103003438-5501 (TBC14)

Exide 587000 UPS Batteries

58700021 (TR7.5-12A) 58700036-001 (TR7.5-12A)
58700027 (TR10-6A) 58700041-001 (TR7.5-12A)
58700033 (TR5-12A)  

Exide 1067111 UPS Batteries

106711158-001 (TBC99) 106711162-001 (TBC101)
106711159-001 (TBC99) 106711187-001 (TBC101)
106711160-001 (TBC100) 106711187-003 (TBC102)
106711161-001 (TBC101) 106711187-004 (TBC98)

Exide 1533020 UPS Batteries

153302029 (TBC100) 153302039-001 (TR35-12)
153302033 (TR18-12) 153302053-001 (TBC100)
153302035-001 (TR75-12A) 153302084-001 (TR18-12)

Exide BAT UPS Batteries

BAT-0007 (TR75-12A) BAT-0123 (TR100-12B)
BAT-0046 (TR75-12A) BAT-0301 (TR24-12B)
BAT-0050 (TR200-6) BAT-0342 (TR12-6A)
BAT-0053 (TR35-12) BAT-0370 (TBC100)
BAT-0058 (TR18-12) BAT-0373 (TR18-12)
BAT-0060 (TBC99) BAT-0408 (TR18-12)
BAT-0063 (TR12-6A) BAT-0481 (TBC100)
BAT-0065 (TR35-12) BAT-0489 (TR9-12)
BAT-0070 (TR12-6A) BAT-0495 (TBC99)
BAT-0072 (TBC100) BAT-0496 (RBC4)
BAT-0103 (TR75-12A) BAT-700 (TBC114)
BAT-0121 (TD55-12) BAT-1500 (TR9-6)
(8 batteries required)
BAT-0122 (TR95-12) BAT-3000 (TR9-6)
(16 batteries required)

Exide BATA UPS Batteries

BATA-012 (TR35-12) BATA-041 (TR35-12)

Exide NetUPS UPS Batteries

NetUPS 450 (TBC100) NetUPS 1000 (TBC4)
NetUPS 700 (RBC4) NetUPS 1500 (TBC103)
NetUPS 700RM (TBC108)  

Exide NetUPS SE UPS Batteries

NetUPS SE 1000 (TBC4) NetUPS SE 2400 (TBC40)
NetUPS SE 1000RM (TBC102) NetUPS SE 2400RM (TBC16)
NetUPS SE 1500 (TBC103) NetUPS SE 3000 (TBC40)
NetUPS SE 1500RM (TBC102) NetUPS SE 3000RM (TBC16)
NetUPS SE 2000RM (TBC16)  

Exide One-UPS UPS Batteries

One-UPS 250 (TBC99) One-UPS 420 (TBC100)
One-UPS 300 (TBC100) One-UPS 650 (TBC108)

Exide PowerRite UPS Batteries

PowerRite Max 450VA (TBC100) PowerRite Pro II 1500 Rackmount (TBC102)
PowerRite Max 700 Rackmount (TBC108) PowerRite Pro II 2000 (TBC8)
PowerRite Max 700VA (TBC112) PowerRite Pro II 2000 Rackmount (TBC8)
PowerRite Max 1000VA (TBC4) PowerRite Pro II 2400 (TBC40)
PowerRite Pro 400 (TBC101) PowerRite Pro II 2400 Rackmount (TBC16)
PowerRite Pro II 1000 (TBC4) PowerRite Pro II 3000 (TBC40)
PowerRite Pro II 1000 Rackmount (TBC102) PowerRite Pro II 3000 Rackmount (TBC16)
PowerRite Pro II 1500 (TBC103)  

Exide Prestige UPS Batteries

Prestige 650 (TBC9) Prestige 3000 (TBC1)
Prestige 800 (TBC9) Prestige 6000 (TBC1)
Prestige 1000 (TBC2) Prestige 6000 (Extended Battery Pack) (TBC17)
Prestige 1250 (TBC2) Prestige Full Pack (TBC1)
Prestige 1500 (TBC2) Prestige Half Pack (TBC2)
Prestige 2000 (TBC14)  

Exide Prestige EXT UPS Batteries

Prestige EXT (TBC2) Prestige EXT 1250 (TBC2)
Prestige EXT 750 (TBC2) Prestige EXT 1500 (TBC2)
Prestige EXT 1000 (TBC2)  

Exide Powerworks UPS Batteries

Powerworks RS 3k (TBC7) Powerworks RS 6k (TBC50)

Exide PW3105 UPS Batteries

PW3105-350 (TBC99) PW3105-500VA (TBC99)
PW3105-350VA (TBC99) PW3105-700 (TBC100)
PW3105-500 (TBC99) PW3105-700VA (TBC100)

Exide PW3110 UPS Batteries

PW3110-250VA (TBC100) PW3110-550VA (TBC100)
PW3110-300iVA (TBC99) PW3110-600VA (TBC105)
PW3110-300VA (TBC99) PW3110-700i (TBC100)
PW3110-425VA (TBC100) PW3110-700iVA (TBC105)
PW3110-550iVA (TBC100) PW3110-700VA (TBC105)

Exide PW3115 UPS Batteries

PW3115-300 (TBC100) PW3115-420i (TBC100)
PW3115-300i (TBC100) PW3115-300VA (TBC100)
PW3115-420 (TBC100) PW3115-650VA (TBC108)

Exide PW5105 UPS Batteries

PW5105-450i (TBC100) PW5105-1000i (TBC101)
PW5105-450VA (TBC100) PW5105-1500i (TBC101)
PW5105-700VA (TBC112)  

Exide PW5110 UPS Batteries

PW5110-350VA (TBC99) PW5110-1000VA (TBC101)
PW5110-500VA (TBC99) PW5110-1500VA (TBC101)
PW5110-750VA (TBC100)  

Exide PW5115 UPS Batteries

PW5115-500 (TBC100) PW5115-1000 (TBC101)
PW5115-500 Tower (TBC100) PW5115-1000 RM (TBC114)
PW5115-500VA (TBC105) PW5115-1000VA (RBC33)
PW5115-750 (TBC101) PW5115-1400 (TBC3)
PW5115-750 RM (TBC114) PW5115-1400VA (TBC32)
PW5115-750 USB (TBC101) PW5115-1500 RM (TBC26)
PW5115-750VA (TBC101) PW5115-1500 Tower (TBC3)

Exide PW5119 UPS Batteries

PW5119-1000VA (TBC4) PW5119-2400VA (TBC40)
PW5119-1500VA (TBC3) PW5119-3000 RM (TBC16)
PW5119-2000VA (TBC8) PW5119-3000VA (TBC40)

Exide PW5125 UPS Batteries

PW5125-48EBM (TBC98) PW5125-1500 RM (TBC102)
PW5125-120EBM (TBC14) PW5125-1500i (TBC102)
PW5125-1000 (TBC101) PW5125-1500i RM (TBC102)
PW5125-1000 RM (TBC102) PW5125-2400 Rackmount (TBC1)
PW5125-1000i (TBC101) PW5125-3000 Rackmount (TBC1)
PW5125-1000i RM (TBC102) PW5125-5/6000 Rackmount (TBC14)
PW5125-1500 (TBC102)  

Exide PW9104 UPS Batteries

PW9104 RS 3 k (TBC7) PW9104 RS 6 kVA (TBC50)
PW9104 RS 6 k (TBC50)  

Exide PW9120 UPS Batteries

PW9120-700 (TBC101) PW9120-2000 (mfg. before 1/1/06) (TBC98)
PW9120-700 (mfg. before 1/1/06) (TBC101) PW9120-2000VA (TBC32)
PW9120-700 (mfg. after 1/1/06) (TBC101) PW9120-3000 (TBC98)
PW9120-1000 (TBC3) PW9120-3000 (mfg. before 1/1/06) (TBC98)
PW9120-1000 (mfg. before 1/1/06) (TBC3) PW9120-3000 (mfg. after 1/1/06) (TBC98)
PW9120-1000 (mfg. after 1/1/06) (TBC3) PW9120-5000 (TBC50)
PW9120-1000VA (TBC32) PW9120-6000 (TBC50)
PW9120-1500 (TBC102) PW9120 BAT-700 (TBC114)
PW9120-1500 (mfg. before 1/1/06) (TBC102) PW9120 BTA-1000 (TBC26)
PW9120-1500 (mfg. after 1/1/06) (TBC102) PW9120 BTA-1500 (TBC34)
PW9120-2000 (TBC98) PW9120 BTA-3000 (TBC90)

Exide PW9125 UPS Batteries

PW9125-24EBM (TBC33) PW9125-1250VA (TBC30)
PW9125-48EBM (TBC33) PW9125-1500 (TBC30)
PW9125-72EBM (TBC92) PW9125-1500i (TBC30)
PW9125-240EBM (TBC72) PW9125-1500VA (TBC30)
PW9125-700 (TBC101) PW9125-2000 (TBC30)
PW9125-700i (TBC101) PW9125-2000i (TBC30)
PW9125-700VA (TBC27) PW9125-2000VA (TBC30)
PW9125-1000i (TBC101) PW9125-2500 (TBC31)
PW9125-1000 (TBC101) PW9125-2500VA (TBC31)
PW9125-1000VA (TBC27) PW9125-3000 (TBC31)
PW9125-1250 (TBC30) PW9125-3000VA (TBC31)
PW9125-1250i (TBC30) PW9125-6000 (TBC91)


2000 (TBC14) 1UB5736-S (TR12-6A)
2026C (TBC11) ASY-0529 (TBC5)
2036C (TBC70) FX2002 (TBC101)
3600 (TD255-6) OneUPS (TBC100)
5115 (TBC101) Personal 500 (TBC15)
5115 UPS (TBC101) PLUS 6 (TBC50)
03251000BAT (RBC4) PowerWare Personal 500 (TBC15)
101259016-001 (TBC1) PW1000K (TBC2)
103003217-001 (TBC7) PW9170 (TBC5)
2-U-D5719 (TR10-12) PW9155 (per battery module) (TBC100)
2-U-D5743 (TR10-12) PW106711187-002 (TBC3)
10-U-D5747 (TR26-12C) PWNetUPS SE 2000 (TBC8)

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Veteran Owned & Operated


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